All General Full Forms Used in Daily Life

We are living in a fast world. People prefer to save time be it in typing or speaking. Whether you are preparing for a competitive exam or a job interview; knowing various general acronyms could be highly essential to mark your success. You would not want to face any embarrassment while taking the interview, working in corporate or in daily life. Acquittance of various sorts of general full forms list and short forms.

Although we hear these abbreviations every day many of them are still unknown to us. Below you would find a comprehensive and extensive full forms list in various sectors like names of technologies, company names, slangs while chatting, and many more. These terms are derived from educational, IT, technology, organizational, science, computer, general, and other categories.

Top Brands full forms

Educational Full Forms

Science Full Forms

Technology Full Forms

Computer Related Full Forms

Banking Full Forms

IT related full forms


We have covered multiple sectors and made the list very versatile. All these full forms are popular and widely used by people, companies, social media. Remember these popular full forms, stay updated, and use them among your friends to build your reputation. We use most of them in daily life without even knowing. Now, you know all of them. Stay tuned for more such full forms and interesting knowledge at our platform. Keep learning.

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