How To Crack Video Interviews During COVID-19?

Sudden outbreak of a coronavirus has shaken the entire world. It has put a lot of things on halt. One of them is job interviews. We can’t waste time and wait for the things to settle down. So, moving to video interviews is the most productive approach. Now, the companies have to shift to online mode for talent acquisition.It is one of the ways to ease the process of hiring and makes it more worthy. A few common benefits are: ease of working from home reduces traveling time, making them free from meetings and other chaos. Hence, it is fruitful to walk on the path of job interviews.

But the turn comes here. Not all the candidates are aware of the procedure. The reason can be any, introduction to the latest technical tricks. In this article, you will come to know tips to crack video interviews.

Video job interviews are not much different from the face-to-face interviews. But there are certain things to be considered. Let us begin learning them:

1. Avoid Any Kind Of Distractions: It is one of the most basic manners while being involved in an interview or any meeting. Make sure you get rid of all forms of distractions like message notifications or email updates or your barking dog. If possible, let everyone in your family know that you have a video interview. It will keep them away from you for a certain period of time. It will help you give your entire attention to the interview.

2. Stick To The Camera: Since, it is a video job interview, you still have to maintain an eye contact with the interview panel. Don’t read your answers off your computer screen. Doing so will show you as uncomfortable or lacking confidence. No matter whether you have prepared well and have learnt the Best interview questions for your big day, confidence mattes a lot. In some cases, it becomes the decisive factor between two candidates.

3. Do The Pre-requisites: You have to be full ready to make sure there are no disruptions. Test your technology, you should have good internet connection. Check your microphone and camera quality. If you are about to take video interview online for the first time then try using Zoom, WeChat, Skype. It will make the software more accessible.

4. Pick A Suitable Spot: Choose a space having proper lighting. It would be good if you stay away from overhead lights. Sitting near a window during the interview is a plus point.

5. Take Care of Body Language: You don’t have to go into the immense formalities when you are on a video interview. Just focus on the technicalities asked in the form of Programming Interview Questions. Also, smile and sit up straight. Stay positive and let your personality shine through the online job interview.We believe that job interviews can befuddle you. But you have to keep calm and relax.

During these crucial times, you need to take care of your mental health. Mediate and practice yoga to increase your immunity and concentration. Utilize the time and study for your interview.

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