How to prepare for a full-stack developer interview?

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The full stack developer uses the programming languages, design strategies, and frameworks to develop and maintain the websites and applications. The job of a full-stack developer is one of the highly demanded jobs as per the survey in 2021 whose growth rate is nearly 13%. If you are reading this article, it clearly means you are preparing for your full-stack developer interview.

Stages of the full stack developer interview

In most the organizations, the interview process for the full-stack developer is divided into three sections:

Introduction: In this phase, you have to introduce yourself by providing some information about your current and previous roles as a full-stack developer. Your preferred language, your hobbies, strength, etc.

Pair Programming: In this phase, the interviewer will ask you to write the code for the particular program. While writing the code, try to explain your approach to the interviewer.

Q&A: This is the question and answer round which is scheduled to discuss achievements, your previous experiences, and other job-related aspects. The interviewer will talk about your expectations with respect to salary, job role, etc.

How to prepare for a full stack developer interview

To showcase your coding skills, the technical interview is the best opportunity to impress the interviewer. You need to follow the below three steps to crack the full stack developer interviewer:

● Understand the problem

● Find the best possible solution

● Explain and implement the solution

This might sound very simple and easy to do but it requires solid preparation to answer the questions which are thrown at you during the interview. Here is the list of full stack developer interview questions that might help you in cracking your interview:

  1. How to reduce the load time of a web application?
  2. What is an event loop in Node.js?
  3. What is Dependency Injection?
  4. What are the benefits of using arrow functions in JavaScript?……..

To view the full list of questions with their best possible answers, kindly visit our article.

Topics to Prepare for Full Stack Developer Interview

Whether you are applying for the frontend full stack developer or the backend, you should have good knowledge about the basics. Below is the list of topics that you must prepare:





Frontend Frameworks:

● Angular JS

● React JS

● BootStrap

● VueJS

Other Programming Languages:

● JavaScript


● Python

● TypeScript

● Ruby

Backend Frameworks:

● Express

● Django

● Rubyonrails

● NodeJS

Basic Database Systems:

● Linux Command Line

● .NET and framework

● Data Structure

● Character Encoding

● AI or Machine Learning

Apart from this, you should have read about the company, the job role you are applying for, and what is the expectation of the organization from you. All these are the important part of the full stack developer interview preparation, so ensure to study them.

Tips for the full stack developer interview

You must have spent a couple of days or weeks for preparing the interview, but nothing can actually prepare you for the D-day as you must be feeling nervous and stressed. We are sharing some pro tips with you so that you can handle the pressure:

Think Out Loud: When the interviewer gives you some problem, and you are working on thinking the strategy. It is good to discuss the strategy and approach with the interviewer so that he or she can judge your decision by your thought process and may help you with some information, by which you can quickly solve the problem.

Composure: Ensure to maintain your composure when you are finding challenges in figuring out the solution. The interviewer wants the candidate to remain calm and handle difficult situations logically.

Hope you are now ready to crack your full stack developer interview. In case you need any help or guidance, feel free to post your query in the comment section.



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