How To Use Traits In PHP

When you search on google for PHP interview question, then you find this one (How to use the trait in PHP). Some of the best coding developers within our network share their top questions, answers, and tips so that a developer’s PHP knowledge and expertise can be tested. So, before knowing how to use Traits, you need to know what is traits.

What a Trait

A new feature of language in PHP 5.4 has been known as TRAITS. A trait is a kind of Mixin in which it allows you to mix trait classes in the existing class. This means that you can reduce code duplication and gain benefits while avoiding many heritage problems.


One trait is only a set of methods that you want to include in another category. A specialty like an abstract class cannot be done immediately on its own.

You know that interviewer ask you different types of PHP interview question like:

Whenever you need multiple inheritances,then what you will use?

Answer: Wherever you need multiple inheritances, you can use trait there, which reduces the complexity and with multiple inheritances and mixes Attaches to specific problems avoids.

I will discuss those features which are traits introduced in PHP 5.4. The concept of traits added some extra characteristics in single inheritance. In other words, there is nothing like a trait, but there is a mechanism for the reuse of code in a single-inheritance.

Why and How To Use Traits?

The traits cannot be instantaneous like abstract classes and interfaces which only override their methods. We create this by using the Trait keyword.

Examples Of Trait

File Name: hoo.php

trait hoo
public function sayHello(){
return “Hello”;
public function sayWorld(){
return “World”;

A trait is used in class using use keyword. Let’s look at an example using trait:

File Name: car.php

class Car{
// Using the Trait Here
use hoo;
$obj = new Car;
// Executing the method from trait
$obj->sayHello(); //Hello
$obj->sayWorld(); // World


Note that we use the foo name as a trait in the bar class, and in this, we can use the foo keyword properties and properties with bar objects.

Generally, all interviewers ask you this PHP interview question in short, What is the role of the traits, then your answer is (for reuse codes).
Developers can write methods that can be used in any number of classes, to maintain their code DRY and more.

If you want to use the trait in a class, you can use the “use” keyword. All the attributes of the attribute are available in the classroom where it is used. Calling the method of a trait is similar to calling an instance method.


The conclusion according to the Best Interview Question:-

Traits allow PHP developers to create cleaner, simpler,and more efficient codes while allowing more complex systems to be created and used.

They are not good; they are fantastic! Using OPP, they open up another level of development techniques to OOP programmers, and I believe they are a sign of things coming in future PHP versions.

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