Top 5 Retail Interview Questions 2021

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We recommend you to practice them again and again until you build up confidence in yourself. Make sure your tone of answering the question is polite as this is one of the most required qualities in the retail domain.

This is nice to hear that you have got your interview lined up for the retail position. Worried about the interview? After reading this article you won’t be worried though you will be excited. Because we have prepared the list of commonly asked Retail Interview Questions that are going to help you in your interview. It doesn’t matter much whether you are a professional retail associate or just the fresher, these questions are gonna helpful for all.

Most Frequently Asked Retail Interview Questions

1. What do you know about this company’s products and services?

The interviewer wants to see whether you have done your homework or not. This is the right time to display all your knowledge you have been collecting about this company. Be enthusiastic and mention some of the current steps the company has taken, its benefits for society, and how good you feel about it.

2. What is good customer service?

Good customer service means greeting the customers happy and providing them assistance with all their queries.

3. What’s your availability? Are you able to work nights, weekends, holidays, and special events like Black Friday?

This one is the straightforward question where the interviewer wants to know your availability of hours during work. You have to honest with your answer here, otherwise, it will have a bad impact on you and the company as well in the future. Keep this thing in mind that there may be the chances that interviewer wants the person with flexible schedules.

4. What would you do if your replacement doesn’t show up?

The answer to this question allows you to showcase your problem-solving skills. With your answer, the interviewer is expecting you to know that maintaining the coverage is important than your plans. The best answer would be: I will be giving my best to train and provide all types of assistance to the person who is going to be my replacement. If at any point, I will find that person doesn’t show up as my replacement I will talk to my manager and update him about this and also try to create some documentation that the team can refer to after my exit.

5. What type of retail stores have you worked for?

They want to know how experienced you are. Working in different types of retail stores gives great exposure in the industry. If you have worked with big brands, tell them. Explain your daily routine and also tell them about your role in each of the retail stores you worked in. This will help them in judging you whether the working conditions relate to you or not.

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