Top Motivation Interview Questions And Answers 2021

Interviews can be tough and being a nervous wreck won’t improve your situation either. Practice is the key to success and it’s the same for your interviews as well which are going to decide the later part of your lives.

So, being prudent and sparing a few minutes to look at some of the most common Motivational interview questions will definitely help you out.

Motivation Interview Questions & Answers

1. What have you done to improve your skills in the past year? How would you define success for your career?

The interviewer asks this question to understand how keen a candidate is towards self-improvement in the fast-paced world, performs self-assessment regularly, and adapts to changes.

Also, you can tell about a weakness that improved through continuous efforts.

While answering this question, try to be real and provide a definition that includes your past achievements, profession chosen and goes in line with the job applied. You can mention achieving a preset goal if that is in sync with the path you follow while applying for the job.

2. What motivates you to go to work every day?

The motivation usually comes with — passion, purpose, mastery, and liberty. So, whatever be your reason make sure you look professional while answering this question.

3. Give me an instance of sharing a new idea with your manager within the last six months.

This question tests your co-ordination with the seniors along with productivity at work. So, if you have any particular instance where you excelled then describe that. If not, then explain about the bond you used to share with your seniors while telling about your achievements at work.

4. How would you create a work environment that your employees find motivating?

This question checks how well you bond with your colleagues at work. You should tell about the ways that you can adopt while handling a team to maintain a positive environment at work where everyone can achieve their career goals.

5. Which processes or techniques do you often utilize to make your task easier or be more effective? What was your discovery process & how did you implement your idea?

There are certain work hacks that every person uses to ensure that he/she can accomplish given tasks properly within the given time frame. Here you can also explain a few techniques that you use. In the discovery process, you can explain that it is with experience and after you realized that there are few ways of doing similar tasks more efficiently.

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Full Stack Developer from India having 8+ year experience

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Umesh Singh

Umesh Singh

Full Stack Developer from India having 8+ year experience

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